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Cross Country Champions, 'Log On & Learn', Hamlet, Cobh Field Trip
Fond Farewell, Xmas Craft Fair

20th December 2010

Cross Country County Champions

Congratulations to Mrs Ashe and her athletes who performed so well in the recent Co. Waterford Cross Country Championships.

Aine Power, Kaylee Norris and Eimear Duff won the Intermediate Team prize.

Mary O’Leary, Grace Heffernan, Maire Fennel, Laura Cusack and Cliodhna Ryan came third in the Minor Race.

Catriona O’Brien, Louise Conway and Ornagh Keane were the third team in the Junior Championship.

Well done girls.

Intel 'Log On and Learn'

TYB recently welcomed senior citizens to the school for an eight week Intel “Log On and Learn” programme. This consisted of seven different modules created to introduce the Senior Citizens to the wonders of the cyber world. Each of the thirteen adults was partnered with two students, who taught them basic computer skills. On Wednesday the 15th, after the last lesson, we held a short Graduation Ceremony where each adult received a Certificate to acknowledge their achievements.

We would like to thank the participants, the students and Mr O’Keeffe course co-ordinator. We wish the graduates the best of luck in their future cyber excursions.

Review of Hamlet

“The apparel oft proclaims the” actor? Not in the case. Despite his sloppy appearance in a hoody and runners, Rory Kinnear succeeded to take the audience as Hamlet on an impressive journey to Elsinore. Had the theatregoers expected to see rather medieval costumes, Nicholas Heytner proved the relevance of Shakespeare’s 400-year old tragedy by using surprisingly modern settings and costumes. Even the near half century old texts sounded fresh and not a bit antiquated, thanks to excellent thespian abilities.

Although some people sorely missed the gravediggers’ scene, which was shortened and reduced to one part, the few cuts to the original script were done very cleverly. To still keep it in a human time frame, Heytner decided for rapid, dynamic scene changes. He also relied on bodyguards equipped with walkie talkies, headsets and cameras lurking on stage to create the idea of a surveillance state. Its head, played by Patrick Malahide, seemed to be a bit too discrete at first, being besuited like all the members of his court. However he turned in an outstanding performance as a slimy king Claudius. It was not at all comprehensible what Gertrude, portrayed by Claire Higgins, saw in the brother of her deceased husband due to his lack of any kind of attractiveness. Different than in most productions of “Hamlet”, a change takes place in the queen’s behaviour towards Claudius after the conversation with her son in the “Closet” scene.

What also stood out was Gertrude’s constant consumption of alcohol, as well as Hamlet’s apparently compulsory cigarette, with which he seemed to have a more intimate relationship than any other human companion. The friendship between Hamlet and Horatio was too understated, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, the audience was positively impressed by this enactment of Shakespeare’s famous political tragedy and it is quite certain that everyone wanted to have one of those fabulous villain t-shirts in the end.

Katharina Hartwig.      Katherina is one of our overseas students from Germany who is spending this year as a 5th year student at the Ard Scoil.

A Goodbye to Remember!

On the 15th of December, we T.Y. students had a wonderful but emotional day as it was our final goodbye to some of our Spanish and French students who have been with us since the beginning of the year.

Raquel, Belen, Paula, Veronica and Maria were brilliant polite and hardworking girls with great interests and wonderful to get along with. I’m sure all the T.Y. students will agree that having them with us for the last four months was a great pleasure; sharing our time with them was as super experience for us. We got to know a lot about them and had fun trying to learn some Spanish!

Wednesday last was our farewell party. We all signed a card for each of the girls and included class pictures as a memento. We took photos and had some refreshments and music and chat. I hope the girls had a wonderful time during our stay with us and of course friendships will continue via Facebook!

Veronica and Maria return after Christmas and we look forward to sharing Christmas stories and exciting tales!

Laura Sheehan.

T.Y. Trip to Cobh.

Mrs Stack and Mr.Collins organised a trip for us to visit the Heritage Centre in Cobh, in Cork. We left school at 9.00 last Thursday and were soon in Cobh, once named Queenstown following a visit by Queen Victoria. After a quick refreshment break, we visited the Heritage centre which tells the history of Cobh as an important port from which many of the emigrant ships set sail, particularly in Famine times.

It was like entering a real “coffin” ship As totally lifelike figures stood, sat or lay in the ship, capturing the scene vividly. There were cabins with sick and dead people with blankets over them and buckets beside them. The furniture, food and even animals were so well depicted it was a little eerie.

Cobh was also a stopping point for the great liners and it was the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic. We also visited a reconstruction of this famous ship which captured a scene of people sitting around a fireplace, unaware of the impending disaster. It was good fun and we were all surprised by how real the statues looked.

After a sort visit to the gift shop we carried on to Cork city for some retail therapy! We didn’t have much time but many still managed to spend most of their money buying Christmas gifts.

Back in Dungarvan we had time to say goodbye to one of our Spanish classmates, Raquel. We gave her small presents, cards and hugs! We all hope that she’ll come back one day.

Thanks to Mrs. Stack and Mr. Collins for organising such a wonderful outing!

Tabitha Alexander.

T.Y. Christmas Craft Fair.

Last Wednesday morning the annual T.Y. Christmas craft fair was held in the senior hall. A wide variety of good was on offer, sweets, door signs, picture frames and so on. The groups making smoothies, pancakes and hot chocolate soon sold out and had to replenish their supplies. Talented artist, Tabitha Alexander, had superb paintings of animals that were snapped up. The fair added to the Christmassy air in the school and provided an opportunity to purchase some Christmas gifts. Well done to the girls and their Business teachers,Ms. O’Sullivan and Ms. Gleeson.



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