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Trad Festival Performance, Tom Keith Honoured, Defibrillator Purchased, Bulgarian Ski Trip, Gaisce Hike

5th March 2012

Trad Festival

Clara Mannion (3rd year), as a result of attending the Meitheal Festival 2011, was awarded an exhibition gig to perform at the Trad Festival 2012 in Corofin, Co. Clare on Saturday March the 3rd. Clara plays the Concertina and will be accompanied by a Bazooki player from Sligo. We are very proud of Clara, who is always so generous with her musical talent. We wish her well at this prestigious music festival.

Parents’ Council Presentation

Tom Keith retired from the Local Authority on Wednesday February 29th. Tom is a long standing friend of Ard Scoil na nDeise. He organised the Junior Cert discos when there was no other celebratory event for the Junior Cert students in town. He also runs Bingo in the sports centre every Monday night. The proceeds of this offset some of the cost of hiring the sport centre for P.E. classes for our school. To mark his generosity to our school and his contribution to events in Dungarvan, the parents’ council made him a presentation at their last meeting. Thank you Tom – you are always welcome in our school.

Colette Power, Vice-Principal

Save a Life

The number one killer in Ireland is Sudden Cardiac Death. This condition strikes anyone, regardless of age. Having a defibrillator nearby greatly increases a person’s chance of survival. Defibrillators have recently purchased for both the Junior and Senior buildings in the Ard Scoil. Six members of Staff were trained last Tuesday in defibrillator use. We hope to train a further six teachers before the end of the school year. We are extremely grateful to our hard working Parents’ Council, who provided the financial support for the purchase of the two defibrillators.

Marie Curran, Dearbhla Lonergan, Carmel Fox, Ciara O’Shea, Emillie Pickering with Principal Dorothy Hughes and trainer Tony Redmond.

Bulgaria 2012

During the February Mid-term Break, we went on the trip of a life time. On Saturday the 11th of February we met outside the school to embark on this exciting journey. It was really early but everyone had a massive smile on their face. The excitement was immense.

Once we arrived at the airport we were all really nervous about the luggage weight check, but luckily we were all within restrictions. When finally inside the plane we all relaxed and cheered as the flight began.

On arrival at Plovdiv we were greeted with an amazing sight – there was snow everywhere and it was FREEZING!! From that moment we knew we were in for a treat. The bus journey from the airport was long and as we were all tired and hungry it didn’t make for an enjoyable ride. So when we saw the signs for our resort we were both excited and relieved. Upon arrival at the hotel we ran as fast to our rooms as possible, wanting to shed our luggage and settle in. That evening we were all so hungry we ordered lots of pizzas from the bar downstairs, eating them faster than they could be made!!

Then it was definitely time for bed and a well needed sleep.

At 7am the next morning we threw on our thermals and crawled to breakfast. After a reviving meal, 19 girls bounced back to their rooms to don their ski gear. On the slopes we were divided into groups and met our instructors, who were really great and easy to get on with.

Every evening we were provided with new entertainments, such as ringos, bowling and karaoke! On the last night we went for dinner and had a surprise for Laura as it was her 16 birthday. We all really enjoyed this and then walked back to the hotel for our graduating ceremony, where we got our certificates for passing all our levels.

Before we left for home we went for one last ski as a group and this was the best part of the holiday for me. Everyone skiing down the slope together was amazing and we were so proud.

I loved my holiday and we are grateful to Mrs O’Donovan, Mrs Foley and Mr O’Keeffe for taking us and making the holiday so enjoyable.

Jessica O’Brien TY

Gaisce Hike in the Wicklow Mountains

Ard Scoil Girls in the Wicklow Mountains

If we were at all worried that school was going to be boring after a week of skiing our worries soon disappeared. On Wednesday February 22nd we headed off for the Wicklow Mountains to start our Gaisce Hike. After a long bus journey and a short walk we reached the hostel at last and all made our beds before heading down for dinner and then getting ready for our night hike. Our guides were lovely, apart from when they were jumping out from behind trees trying to scare us!! It was a tired bunch of girls who returned from the hike ready to fall into bed.

The next morning, after a long sleep, we got ready for an even bigger challenge – climbing the 2,500ft mountain! And yet we set off with smiles on our faces determined to succeed. It was tough going but we all agreed when we eventually reached the top that it was worth the hard work - the view was spectacular and, even if for a short while, we all forgot our aches and pains and just sat looking out over the mountains towards Dublin Bay.

The trek back to the hotel seemed a lot shorter than the earlier journey, mainly because it was downhill. And once we were all showered and changed, spirits were once again high. As it was Tara’s birthday we celebrated it with two huge cakes! After everyone went their own way to chill out, whether it was playing pool, table tennis, watching a movie or just listening to music in their room. We all slept like dogs that night!!

The next morning we were very excited for our final day of activities which included games, archery and the low ropes. It was all over too soon though, and we were all disappointed to be heading home, but when we finally reached the bus we slept almost the whole way back to Dungarvan, worn out after our adventure.

 Aoife Murphy




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