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Othello Review, Science Week Workshops, Model United Nations, Congratulations to Davina Muntjewerff

24th November 2014

Othello Review

On the 11th of November, the sixth year class of Árd Scoil na nDéise went to the Everyman Theatre in Cork. We watched an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, “Othello”. The production was kindly put on for us by the company Cyclone Rep. I felt their take on the well known play helped us greatly with the study of it for our upcoming Leaving Cert.

The actors portrayed each character well and every so often they even stopped the play to explain more about each characters actions and they gave us new insights into various themes in the play. Although they stuck mostly to the classic, the actors brought in various modern aspects such as games, translations into everyday language and comedy which I thought helped me in my understanding of the play and kept my attention throughout.

The actors were anything but shy, often coming into the audience and interacting with students. They never missed a line and it was clear they knew the ins and outs of the play which gave us a sense of security. The four actors were well rehearsed and interested in the play.

Our trip definitely lived up to its purpose. I personally came home feeling more confident about answering the exam in June. With a minimalistic cast and setting, I felt Cyclone Rep put on an entertaining and informative production and would definitely recommend their shows for future Leaving Cert classes.

Elizabeth McCarthy, 6th Year

Science Week Workshops

Representatives from Eurofins presenting a sponsorship cheque for science week workshops.
Pictured (left to right): Tommy Collins, Nicole Mulvaney, Siobhan Masterson, Bernie Kiely (School Liason Officer), Dorothy Hughes (Principal), Dr. Lydia Slattery, Robert Barry, Daniel Veale, Nicola Murphy.

We at Árd Scoil na nDéise would like to give a big thank you to Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Ireland who very generously provided sponsorship for our science week workshops. These workshops saw students from local primary schools get hands on experience of science in their everyday lives.

National Model United Nations

Ard Scoil representatives to the National Model UN Debates held at UCC.
Organised by teacher Evelyn Simons, the school's delegates included:
Back row - Kayleigh Veale, Niamh White, Catherine Bowen;
Middle row - Celene Cummins, Lauren Mulvihill, Aisling Foley;
Front row - Carmela Ionnota, Heather Duff-White, Emily Martin.

On Friday November 7th our group of nine Árd Scoil students departed from the school gate at 1:30pm with little knowledge as to what was in store for us over the weekend. Upon arrival in UCC we registered and made our way to one of the lecture rooms for the opening ceremony. The Chairmen from all the committees introduced themselves and gave a brief summary of the weekend’s itinerary. I was on the Economic and Social Council as the delegate for Finland. Eamon Gilmore T.D. was our guest speaker on the importance of our decisions in the UN in determining the future.

On Saturday morning we separated into our committees. There were twenty five delegates on the Economic and Social Council. Our Chairmen outlined the running of the United Nations and explained different aspects to us. For the roll call I stood to say, “Finland is present and voting”. Our topic of discussion was “Wealth Disparity: First World Profit VS. Third World Exploitation”. This dealt with issues such as exploitation in mining and sweatshops, and our aim was to come up with a Final Resolution to solve these problems.

A moderated caucus was opened in which any country could put forward a motion for discussion. We had to agree a set time and a speaker’s time within this. Often speakers had only twenty seconds to argue their point. I found it interesting to hear the vast range of ideas my committee members had and how countries combined powers to favour certain points of view.

Everybody was given the opportunity to have their say and after much debate and many un-moderated caucuses, we ended on a high on Sunday, coming to a unanimous agreement on our final resolution. Perhaps it wasn’t as detailed and articulate as a real UN document, and maybe there were one or two bones left to pick, but for the work of twenty-five teenagers who had been strangers on Saturday morning and composed a solution to exploitation by Sunday afternoon, I feel that it was an accomplishment! Sadly Finland or Pakistan didn’t receive any certificate over the weekend but we did learn an awful lot about the running of the UN and about the wide range of ideas that are floating about in a variety of minds.

The closing ceremony consisted of an address by ex- Brigadier General Ger Aherne who spoke about his time in the forces, including UN peace keeping, over his forty-two years of service. He gave an insightful view of different parts of the globe. The whole weekend was one I will remember, as a good experience in international relations and debating in general.

Aisling Foley 6th Year

Congratulations to Davina Muntjewerff, Leaving Certificate student 2014

Davina Muntjewerff photographed after the recent Entrance Scholarship presentation ceremony in U.C.C.

We would like to congratulate Davina Muntjewerff, Leaving Certificate graduate of 2014, on being awarded a University College Cork Mary Ryan scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to five students in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences who achieved more than 500 points in their Leaving Certificate and who are registered to study at least two languages from French, German, Italian, Hispanic Studies and Chinese Studies (Mandarin).

Davina is a multi-talented student who achieved outstanding results in her Leaving Certificate. Coming from the Netherlands to Ring posed no problem for her as she became fluent in Irish, Dutch, English and French. Her quiet reserved manner endeared her to her friends at Ard Scoil who grew to admire her dedication to every task she undertook, be it artwork for display in Lismore Castle, video interpretation of her favourite English poets or Work Experience at the Dutch Embassy in Dublin. She is currently studying World Languages at U.C.C. We congratulate Davina and her parents Jenny and Ramon Muntjewerff on this wonderful achievement.



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