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Cross Country Championships, Amnesty International, Lessons in Life, Manners and Style

9th February 2015

Minor Cross Country Team Talithakoumi Macaulay, Orla Keane, Kate Hickey, Aoife Dee, Sarah Lacey, Lucy Holmes and Anne McGrath

Cross Country Championships

On the 30th of January the East Munster Cross Country championships were held in St Augustine’s college, which was yet another successful day for our Árd Scoil athletes. The the first race of the day was the minor girls with Lucy Holmes having another powerful performance finishing 2nd overall and leading her team home to 2nd team prize. Following Lucy home were her fellow team mates Sarah Lacey, Anne McGrath, Aoife Dee, Kate Hickey, Orla Keane and Talithakoumi Macaulay.

Senior Cross Country Team Sinead O'Brien, Ornaith Keane, Cliona Ryan, Caitriona O'Brien and Grace Heffernan

Our 2nd team competing on the day were our senior girls who had an excellent run in the county championships two weeks ago to claim first team. With huge numbers competing in each race our girls knew they had to up their performance to qualify to the next round and that they did. They claimed 4th team prize and qualified to the Munster Championships. Congratulations to Grace Heffernan, Caitriona O’Brien, Sinead O’Brien, Cliona Ryan and Ornaith Keane.

Best to luck to the Senior and Minor teams, who now go on to compete in the Munster Final on the 12th of February in Cork Insinuate of Technology.

Amnesty International

Hundreds of thousands of people are unjustly dying every day as a result of the death penalty. Can anything be done about it? Yes, according to our speaker Dave, from Amnesty International. On Wednesday the 4th of February Dave introduced us to the shocking reality of what people in police custody worldwide are facing every day.

Amnesty has over 3.2 million members, sprawling across every continent. This organization bases its action in the form of various campaigns against injustices such as; stopping torture, preventing discrimination against LGBTI people and preventing the ultimate punishment– the death penalty.

As a member of the audience I was stunned to learn that 155 countries still carry out torture today as a part of their criminal investigations. I was absolutely horrified to learn that some of these people had “body joints drilled, were stabbed” and had “needles put under their finger nails”.

Ibrahim Halawa and his sister, Irish citizens of Egyptian origin, were imprisoned when protesting against the Egyptian Government. His sister was later released, but Ibrahim remains in custody awaiting his trial on the 8th of February.

But what can we, as Irish citizens, do to combat these wrongdoings? We can sign petitions and networks; we can participate in letter writing campaigns or form our own Amnesty groups. By using the hashtag #freeibrahim you can help Ibrahim in his fight for justice.

By campaigning for safeguards we can ensure that detainees have contact with their families, lawyers and doctors and that the people involved in these heinous crimes are brought to justice

Ornaith Keane, 5th Year

BK InniÚ Lessons in Life, Manners and Style

TY's learning the correct setting for a table

TY classes participated in an Etiquette day on Monday 2nd and Thursday 5th. Brenda and Kate from BK InniÚ had a full day planned on both occasions. We began the day with an ice-breaker where we split into 4 teams of five.

Throughout the day we learned about dining, dating and manners, etiquette, deportment, body image, nail care and to finish - makeup and face care.  We learned to set a table professionally with forks, knives and spoons aligned correctly as well as the fancy glasses and even learned to create a bishop’s hat.

A red carpet was rolled out in the senior hall and we walked up and down, our posture continuously corrected. We learned that it is very important to have a good posture always as once you make a habit of something it becomes very hard to reverse it. We discussed the importance of manners towards friends, family and strangers and focused on the simple task of holding doors. Although a simple task there are five types of people. ‘The considerate citizen’: holds the door for any oncoming person while passing through. ‘The hopeful’: gives the door and extra push – just enough for another person to squeeze through. ‘The weakling’: only opens the door for themselves. ‘The pushover’: who will stand at the door meaning for one person but ends up there 5/6 people later and finally the person who has no intention of holding the door for anyone.

Body image – a touchy subject for some is very topical. We concentrated on the media’s effect on this issue. The message relayed is that everyone is beautiful – no matter what shape or size. Last but not least we got to the eagerly awaited makeup segment of the day. The proper and most effective way of applying and caring for your face was demonstrated on a participant from each class group - many helpful tips were received.

An enjoyable day had by everyone. Learning was done through pleasurable activities. Acknowledgements to Brenda and Kate who were very well prepared and organised for the day.

Muireann Walsh, 4th Yea

TY's practicing their nail care





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