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7th December 2015

Ard Scoil na nDéise Junior Soccer team

Minor Soccer

On Thursday December 3rd, our school’s minor soccer team which consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years travelled a long journey to Ballincollig to play against Ballincollig Community School.  Despite the terrible weather conditions our girls put in a great performance. In a very close game, they lost to a late goal in the dying minutes of the match. We wish them the best of luck in next year’s competition.

Pip & Pear

On Friday, 23rd of October, we were visited by Irene Queally, a past pupil of our school, and also the owner of Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food, to help us with our Enterprise ideas. She came in to tell us about her business and how she came about forming it. We learned about some of the characteristics that entrepreneurs possess; such as determination, creativity, passion and ‘tunnel vision’.

It was fascinating to hear about how she found a gap in the market for nutritious baby food, and how she spent hours upon hours perfecting her recipes to introduce into shops such as Super Valu and Aldi. She owns a restaurant, and introduced a baby menu, which got a great reaction.  Encouraged by the positive response, last year she entered Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards and won Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. She even brought in samples for us!

Some people weren’t too keen on it, but others went back for second helpings! Her business is now expanding, and her products are being introduced all the way over in Spain. She is an inspirational person and offered us help with our Transition Year enterprise ideas.

Amy Reynolds & Denise Murray, Transition Year

First Year Trip to Waterford

On the second of December 2015 all the First Year students went on a day trip to Waterford city. The teachers organised us on the buses at 9a.m. outside the school. 1.1 And 1.2 went on the same bus, and 1.3 students were on a separate bus.

Each class was accompanied by their class tutor. The bus ride was an hour long but felt like 5 minutes.  We were told we could bring our phones, so naturally we had a lot of photos before we even left.

First we visited W.I.T (Waterford Institute of Technology), and attended a  lecture  about Rosa Park and the wonderful movement she kick started. We were given worksheets and red pens to fill them out, but most people didn’t get the last two questions finished.

Secondly we went to the Granary for hot chocolate. It was a large cosy homely café, and better still they served delicious hot chocolate. Some of the First Year students ordered some lunch to have with their warm beverages.

Then we went to the Viking triangle around the city.  We learned a lot about the Vikings, their churches, history, and life styles. Afterwards we watched an animated film about it which was very interesting but very quick paced.

We only had about an hour left to spend shopping. We went into lots of shops such as Venture, Pennys, Claires, and Pinky, running all the way.  Some people got peckish and decided to go to McDonalds.

We all eventually boarded our buses, sharing sweets and shopping bargains the whole way home. This was an amazing trip.  We got to go out for the day with our friends, have hot chocolate and relax. I would recommend this trip to anyone because it was definitely a trip to remember.

Mikayla Lonergan, First Year

Ard Scoil na nDéise students singing at St. Joseph’s Hospital

Visit to St. Joseph’s Hospital

On Wednesday 25th, the Transition Year class visited the patients in St. Joseph’s hospital to entertain them with a few songs. We were all very excited on our way down, and thankfully there was no rain on our walk. Our music teacher, Ms. Lucey, and Mr. Collins accompanied us to join in on the fun. It was really enjoyable for all of us. We sang lively songs such as ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Dungarvan my Hometown’, which put us all in a great mood, especially when the patients joined in singing with us. One man even played his harmonica for us! We are definitely looking forward to visiting again closer to Christmas time to sing some festive tunes!

The Deutschmobil

On Thursday November 26th Katharina and Juliane visited our school with their Deutschmobil (German Connects).  They did activities with us that helped us to improve our German.  It was educational and great fun, and we definitely learned a lot.  Katharina and Juliane were extremely helpful and kind.  After we had finished our activities there wasn’t much time left, so we decided to get into two groups and do a little quiz.  At the end we received small treats and gifts: Haribo jellies, a notepad, a badge that had something in German on it and a chain with Irish-German flags to put our keys on.  It was a happy experience, and we hope to welcome the Deutschmobil soon again.

Lydia Troy, Transition Year

I found the Deutschmobil lesson to be really interesting and fun.  I especially liked the card game with the body parts, because it was a fun way of learning.  The facilitators were very kind, helpful and experienced. 

Cifa Clancy-Davies, Second Year

Photo Captions


Group of Ard Scoil na nDéise students with their Shoe Boxes for the Hope Christmas appeal



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